RTE Radio 1 Late Debate on the right to die

Michael Nugent of Right To Die Ireland, and palliative care doctor Regina McQuillan, debate the right to die and Marie Fleming’s court ruling, on RTE Radio 1 Late Debate hosted by Audrey Carville on Tuesday 30 April 2013.

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  1. Alec Taylor says:

    Dear Michael Nugent,
    Heard your debate on the radio with Regina McQuillan. Would like to congratulate you on the way you presented your case – in such a fair, balanced, humane way. This contrasted with the rather patronizing, overly self-certain RM, who seemed to feel ‘society’, not the individual, should decide what is right and wrong in these matters. Please keep doing the excellent job you’re doing, and thank you for helping me to make up my mind on this sensitive issue.
    Best wishes,
    Alec Taylor

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